We welcome you to join molo at Maison & Objet Paris in celebrating new designs by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen that take inspiration from, and encourage the process of, creative collaboration and the sharing of ideas.
A modular installation of natural brown paper softblocks, built to a captivating height of 5 metres, will enclose a retreat for visitors to the exhibition, offering an opportunity to interact with molo’s debuting designs in a warm, intimate space. Descending within the tall paper walls, a surreal canopy of cloud softlight pendants will have a fantastic new pendant light in its midst; the xx-large cloud softlight, measuring 2 metres in diameter, will be displayed for the first time at Maison & Objet.
Beneath the cloudscape, molo’s new cantilever paper table will invite visitors to form collaborative visual concepts. The flexible paper table is based upon a honeycomb structure that flat packs when not in use. Available in standing-height and sitting-height versions, cantilever paper table encourages two different postures, perspectives, and ways of gathering to share ideas and work.
The 1200mm diameter cantilever tables can be topped with optional circles of sketching paper, 685mm in diameter, that rotate for everyone at the table to share and brainstorm over sketch ideas. The primary form of the cantilever table is a circle, providing a table that naturally sets up a dynamic of equality. The modular, flexible honeycomb structure of cantilever paper table allows it to be stretched, connected and adapted into any form you can imagine.
Designer: molo design

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